• As a result of the efforts of Annette and Werner Schroeder, working as a team for 35 years, the entire text of the original “Bridge to Freedom” dictations has been saved and re-published, without making any changes, in 8 volumes.
  • The original dictations given to Geraldine Innocente were of exceptional value. Many subjects were presented to mankind for the first time. However they were published in the format of monthly 24 page booklets, on a date by date basis, rather than on a subject-by-subject basis. Therefore, it was decided to re-publish these original texts in two different editions:
    Edition 1: Reprinting of all original dictations, numbering 6000 pages, in book form, without making any changes. All original texts have now been re-published as part of 8 new titles.
    Edition 2: Restructuring the original dictations by preparing new textbooks. All original texts have been published, as 17 new textbooks, on a graded, subject by subject basis.
  • In addition, translations are available in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Greek. The Schroeder’s have lectured in 5 countries. This teaching is designed for those individuals, who are searching, in life, for the highest aspect of truth Ascended Master Teaching Foundation.
  • With the exception of the book “How to Remake your Life,” all books are based on the dictations of the Ascended Masters through the authorized messengers Guy W. Ballard and Geraldine Innocente.
  • The foundation of all AMTF-Publications are the original, unchanged dictations given by the Ascended Host listed in the books, such as given in the books “Unveiled Mysteries,”  “Manifesting Victorious Accomplishment”  “Bridge to Freedom Journals,”  “Dictations” and “Bulletins.” These dictations are primarily arranged according to date.
  • Some of the books are compilations, arranged primarily according to subject matter, such as “21 Essential Lessons,”  “Man, His Origin, History and Destiny” and “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats.”  The dictations have not been changed, just arranged by subject matter.
  • For students new to this teaching we highly recommend the publications “Unveiled Mysteries” and “21 Essential Lessons”
  • All books are bound in a white, high quality leatherette cover, with gold foil except for the Index to All AMTF Publications.  The index is in an 8.5″ X 11″ format with a clear plastic cover.