Invitation To Join and Participate

Any sincere seeker of truth desiring greater understanding of Cosmic Law and the origin and history of man is cordially invited to actively participate in supporting the works of the Masters of Wisdom through the vehicle of the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation. Guideposts for membership are motive, acceptance of the reality of the Ascended Masters, a willingness to learn about their teachings and a desire to put these teachings into practice.

The more we can work together as a team, the stronger will be our effort to bring more light to the Earth. Working together we are much stronger than working as individuals scattered all over the world. Individuals ready to put the shoulder to the wheel and join El Morya’s Spiritual Caravan—an effort fully supported by Saint Germain and the other members of the great White Brotherhood—are cordially invited to become members and co-workers.

If you wish to gain an overall view of the teachings, the series 21 Essential Lessons books, Initiations of the First Ray, Man – His History and Destiny, Unveiled Mysteries and I AM Discourses (By Cosmic Being Victory) are recommended. For serious chelas, the Journals of the Bridge to Freedom, Dictations and Index of the AMTF Publications are considered an absolute must.

Membership Qualifications:

Any sincere seeker of truth, who accepts the reality of the Ascended Masters, desires greater understanding of their teachings and who is willing to support the goals and objectives of the AMTF is welcome to apply for membership.  Minimum age is 12 years.

Applicants, prior to applying for membership, should have a basic knowledge of the Teachings.  They should have read some of the AMTF-Books for a minimum of 6 months.  This includes studying the books “21 Essential Lessons,” volumes 1 and 2.

Members should not consider themselves to be a present-day channel or be followers of present-day channels.

Conduct:  Members are expected to study the teachings of the AMTF literature and apply these teachings in their daily lives.  Daily application should include some decreeing (see minimum daily application, AMTF Decree Book).

Each person is free to contribute to this cause of freedom through his love, talents, service and/or donations, according to the dictates of the heart.  Donations to support the expansion and distribution of the publications are welcome.  All contributions are deductible from income tax.

To join, please write to AMTF, P.O.Box 466, Mt. Shasta 96067. Ask for a Membership Application.