Goals & PurposeĀ orangearrow

Outlines the original and ongoing goals and purpose of the AMTF.

AMTF History orangearrow

Relates a brief history of the AMTF — from the initial contact of Guy Ballard by Saint Germain, through the transition to Geraldine Innocente as Messenger, the Bridge to Freedom activities, up through current times.

The TeachingsĀ orangearrow

A brief summary of the Bridge to Freedom teachings including a chart of the Rays and Chohans, a teachings topic list, and a description of some of the Bridge to Freedom accomplishments.

Reliability of a ChannelĀ orangearrow

A short discourse on the challenges in determining the authenticity of a true Messenger of the Ascended Masters along with the current stance of the AMTF.

Chart of The I AM Presence orangearrow

A picture of the Chart of the I AM Presence along with a short history of its development and a description of the various images depicted in the Chart.