El_Morya Saint_Germain Geraldine_Innocente
Ascended Master El Morya
Sponsor of the “Bridge
to Freedom Dispensation”
Ascended Master
Saint Germain
Geraldine Innocente
Messenger of the “Bridge
to Freedom Dispensation”


In 1979 the dictations of the Ascended Masters, as given through Miss Geraldine Innocente and Mr. Guy Ballard, were no longer available to the general public. Therefore, in 1980 the AMTF was founded with the goal to gather all of the discourses, compose them in own words and to re-publish them. This task was accomplished using the following steps:

  1. Werner Schroeder took an early retirement from his job as a Professional Engineer to devote himself completely to that task and to save the teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom.”
  2. Interviews with the founding members of the “I AM Activity” and the “Bridge to Freedom.” Discussions with Roger Ancona, who participated in establishing the “Bridge to Freedom,” Alice Schutz, Secretary to Geraldine Innocente and William Cassiere, a messenger appointed by Saint Germain, who had worked with Mr. Ballard, were very helpful. Mr. Cassiere, at one time, had lived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ballard. This way the original vision of the Ascended Beings for the “Bridge to Freedom” was re-discovered and included in the goals and purposes of the AMTF.
  3. Collecting the messages of the Ascended Host, as given through Geraldine Innocente, of about 6000 pages. This process took several years to complete. It was estimated that only four persons had a complete set of the original texts and those individuals refused to share it. At one time a trip from Mt. Shasta to Thun, Switzerland was necessary to copy just ONE book.
  4. Collecting the messages of the Ascended Host, as given through Mr. Ballard, of about 7000 pages.
  5. To research the gathered texts, separating the new manuscripts into subjects and re-publishing these as textbooks.

    This step was necessary because the original texts of the “Bridge to Freedom” and the “I AM Activity” was not published according to subjects. The general public was presented some very valuable information. However not a single subject was ever presented in all detail, at ONE location; many chapter titles were missing. Here is one example:

    When Werner Schroeder, acting as Group Director, wanted to teach the subject “Goals and function of the Teton Retreat” he discovered he had to look up this subject in 111 monthly publications entitled “Journal of the ‘Bridge to Freedom’ and in 165 different places.

    Therefore, the new edition would consist of the principle that the student, both in his individual study as well as in groups, is served best if every subject, after thorough research, is presented to him JUST ONCE, and in all detail.
  6. In 2007 the goal was accomplished to arrange the original text of 13000 pages into different subjects and to publish the result in both English and German. There are now 26 volumes in English and 24 volumes in German. It took thousands of hours to achieve this result.

    Therefore, students have now the advantage to be informed of ALL messages of the Ascended Host that came through Mr. Ballard and Geraldine Innocente. Werner Schroeder and all other co-workers functioned as unpaid volunteers.

    At this time all AMTF books in German may be ordered in France from the webpage www.amtf-europe.org


“The time has arrived, when many of humanity are rapidly awakening, They must, in some way, be made to understand, that they have lived, again and again, in hundreds – sometimes thousands – of lives, each time in a new physical body. (Saint Germain, Vol.5 “Unveiled Mysteries”)

How 107 Ascended Beings gained their ascension (Vol.1 “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats”)

Subjects, Vol.3 “Man – His Origin, History and Destiny”
Use of the Akashic Records enables Ascended Beings to gain access to historical data, back to the time when mankind first embodied on Earth
The age of mankind and its early, unrecorded history
Detailed description of the “Fall of Man”
The Atlantean Civilization
Comparing the Atlantean Civilization with the Account Of Plato
Details of the sinking of the island of Poseidonis (Remainder of the Atlantean Continent)
Mother Mary describing the last embodiment Of Jesus
How the first pyramids were built
The history of the “I AM Activity” and the “Bridge to Freedom”
Spiritual Healing in the New Age

Messages of the Seven Archangels (Vol.9 “The Angelic Kingdom”)
Necessary Co-operation between mankind, angels and elementals (Vol.9 “The Angelic Kingdom”)

Subjects, Vol.11 “21 Essential Lessons” Part 1
Our Seven Bodies
The Knowledge of our I AM Presence
Use of the Violet Flame to transmute negatively qualified energy
The Protective Pillar of Light and help from Archangel Michael

Subjects, Vol.11 “21 Essential Lessons” Part 2
The Seven Initiations necessary to gain the ascension
Voluntary selfless service necessary to gain the ascension
Dispensation of Mercy by Alpha and Omega, directors of our Central Sun. According to this dispensation 49% of all karma, accumulated during all embodiments, has been dissolved

Subjects, Vol. 26 “The Purpose of Life on Earth and other Planets“
Answering the 3 Fundamental Questions of Life
Detailed description of the time period after an individuals “death” to his re-embodiment
The common purpose of planets
The common history of mankind on Earth, Mercury, Venus and Mars
How the Concept of Reincarnation was removed from the Bible
Why UFOs are visiting our Earth – their motive


In the book “I AM Discourses” the Ascended Master named “Great Divine Director” explained: “There is nothing in life more important than to give these books the greatest possible distribution.”

Following this guideline AMTF -books were translated into different languages. The general public is now offered 24 AMTF-titles in German, 15 titles in French, 2 titles in Portuguese and 4 titles in Chinese. In addition, several books have been translated by Grupo Serapis Bey in Panama into Spanish.

Werner’s wife Annette supported his effort of compiling the AMTF-books by being the editor. Formerly she had worked 20 years as a teacher. Annette and Werner worked together as a team for 38 years.

Never before had this type of knowledge been presented in such a structured, chronological order. Annette and Werner Schroeder gave 102 lectures in the US, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Uruguay and Germany. Liane Schroeder gave lectures in Hong Kong.

To summarize, the goal to save and re-publish the original texts of the “Bridge to Freedom” in the format of textbooks has been successfully accomplished through the efforts of a very small number of volunteers. Without this effort the knowledge of all of the messages given by the Ascended Host, as part of the “Bridge to Freedom Dispensation’ of the 1950’s would have been lost.

Therefore, based on its accomplishments, the AMTF can rightfully claim to be the successor of the “Bridge to Freedom.” Actions speak louder than words.

For AMTF-Books in English see www.ascendedmaster.org

For AMTF-books in German and French, see www.amtf-europe.org

In order to give these publications the best possible distribution, the AMTF is looking for additional distribution centers in Germany, Switzerland, England, Portugal and Brazil. If you wish to participate in this important endeavor, please contact Werner Schroeder at . We will be pleased to give information regarding book discounts, shipping costs and additional details.