The Ascended Master Teaching Foundation (AMTF) was founded in 1980, with the exclusive goal of continuing the work of the original “Bridge to Freedom”. Prior to this, for many years, the foundation had researched these teachings and found them to be authentic and to be applicable to today’s conditions as well as to those of the future. It was decided that the plan of the Ascended Masters could best be implemented by adopting the following plan of action:

  1. Gathering the original dictations of some 6,000 pages
  2. Re-publishing these dictations in book form, making no changes as to their content and making them freely available to all mankind
  3. Translating the dictations into major foreign languages, according to the wishes of the Masters
  4. Giving interested persons the opportunity to form study groups. Besides giving instructional lessons on how cosmic law applies to the students’ daily affairs, another purpose of these groups is to return the energy spent by the Masters in thousands of dictations through decreeing, performing the Transmission Flame Service and through contemplation and songs. These study groups have the common bond of the “Bridge to Freedom” material, published by the successor of this organization, the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation.
  5. To coordinate the overall effort by publishing new publications and a newsletter. (Currently AMTF offers 32 books in English, 25 books in German and 4 books in Chinese.)

Individuals ready to put the shoulder to the wheel and join El Morya’s Spiritual Caravan—an effort fully supported by Saint Germain and the other members of the great White Brotherhood—are cordially invited to become co-workers.