I AM Presence Chart


When Mr. Ballard lectured throughout the United States, in the 1930’s, he would always start off the evening with an explanation of the “Chart.” The purpose of this was, of course, to familiarize the audience with the new concepts of the Electronic Body of the AM Presence, the Causal Body, the Holy Christ Self, the Protective Pillar of Light and the Transmuting Violet Flame, all necessary for making our spiritual development.

Beloved Jesus said, in a dictation given in 1935, that the Chart of the I AM Presence was the most important knowledge given since his ministry ended, 2000 years ago. This diagram impresses and compels the outer consciousness to accept the truth of the fact that the Presence actually beats the hearts of everyone. It withdraws the power from human creation and extends it to the I AM Presence. Jesus pointed out that it was the knowledge of the power of the I AM Presence that enabled him to produce the so-called miracles. He added that any student could produce similar results.

Let us now draw our attention to the I AM Presence Chart.

The upper figure in the chart represents the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence. The Electronic Body is the individualized focus of God. It is our permanent self, which never dies. Our I AM Presence was created in the image of our God Parents. They directed a Threefold Flame from their hearts, into universal light substance, and around that flame coalesced our glorious body of light, the Electronic Body.

This body is composed of millions and millions of electrons, grouped together around a central core. These electrons follow the pattern of our own lifestream, whether it is a rose, a Maltese cross, a lotus flower, or some other form. From the Electronic Body pour forth rays of light, constantly, by which it renders service in the universe. It knows only perfection.

The concentric circles of color around the Electronic Body form the Causal Body. The colors of these circles correspond to the colors of the seven rays. Starting from the center of the causal body we have the blue and the yellow, next the pink, the white, the green, the ruby with golden radiance, and the violet. These are the colors of our Causal Body, in that order.

The Causal Body contains the “Accumulated Good” of all of our embodiments.

The Christ Self is the provision which the I AM Presence has made to give us assistance in the human world. The Holy Christ Self knows what we are doing, and whatever our needs are, it takes those needs to the I AM Presence.

The Holy Christ Self is positioned between the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence and the physical body. The silver cord extends from the heart of the Presence, through the Holy Christ Self, down to the heart of the physical body.

The Holy Christ Self is anchored within the heart of every man, woman and child, focused within the Threefold Flame in the heart. It is what we call a “step down transformer.” It regulates the amount of energy flowing through the silver cord.

If we follow along, down the chart, we come to the Physical Body, which is the lower figure. A ray of light extends from the heart of the Presence, down through the top of the head, and into the physical body through the area which would be the soft spot on the head of a newborn baby. It goes from there to our heart, where it is anchored.

With every heartbeat comes the release of a pulse of light from the Presence. That ray of light is the substance, energy and intelligence by which the physical body has life and is enabled to move around. Once that silver cord is cut, so-called “death” ensues.

Around the physical body is the Protective Pillar of Light, also called “Tube of Light.” This is formed by the I AM Presence, at the call of the individual. As the expansion of the Light in the cells takes place, the radiance of those cells adds to the forming of this Pillar of White Light. That is how we should visualize it—white light, so invincible and impenetrable that not even a bullet can penetrate it. This wall of light can enfold you and prevent any human feeling, thought or suggestion from entering your world. It is called an insulator. At the outer edge is a sort of “crust, “which deflects the discord of all the lower vibrations.

Calling for, and visualizing the Protective Pillar of Light around us, helps to shield us from negative influences in our daily contact with others. We have all had the experience, when, after mingling in a crowd, or going to a department store, we come home feeling very tired. Again and again the Masters have stressed the visualization of the Protective Pillar of Light. It disconnects, or short circuits, so to speak, the discordant energy waves, which otherwise would be tied into and become a part of our lifestream. It should be visualized nine feet in diameter.

Now, to the Violet Flame. From the Chart of the I AM Presence, you can see that it flows in, through and around the physical body, and we call it forth, from the realms of light, to three feet below us, to blaze up and around our physical body.

The use of this Violet Flame is imperative. It is the primary means by which all undesirable accumulation can be forever dissolved, and its cause and effect annihilated. The Violet Flame should be called through all our four lower bodies like a blowtorch, dissolving and consuming, forever, any undesirable thing or condition. It is the only means by which you can become free from the wheel of birth and rebirth. There is no human being on Earth who is an exception to this mighty Law. Every one of us, in this world, at one time or another, has had imperfect and discordant thoughts, has spoken negative words and has felt discordant feelings, thoughts, haven’t we? That means so much substance and energy qualified with discord, all vibrating within the body, in the individual aura. Anyone who has ever accomplished the ascension, has had to use this transmuting Violet Flame to dissolve his human creation, even beloved Jesus.

How often should we pay attention to this chart? The Ascended Masters stressed, both during the “I AM Activity” and the “Bridge to Freedom,” that we should look at and visualize the Chart of the I AM Presence, in detail, several times a day, especially before going to bed. This impresses the outer consciousness with the reality of the I AM Presence. They also emphasized that every student should be able to give a detailed explanation of this chart.

Note: The original chart of the I AM Presence was done by May de Camera, in the 1930’s. She had a vision. The Masters wanted to place the attention of the students on the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence, the Protective Pillar of Light and the Violet Flame. All of these were new concepts at that time. The colors on that chart are shown incorrectly. At that time the Masters did not give out the colors of the rays. They did this later, during the “Bridge to Freedom Dispensation.”