Annual Donation

The AMTF organization is registered as a non-profit organization. In order to be recognized in this category on a continued basis, the AMTF has to demonstrate that a large amount of its income comes from public support (donations). This is a legal requirement, and we have no choice but to comply. Rather than asking repeatedly throughout the year for donations (as the IRS prefers) we are asking for ONE ANNUAL DONATION. If you wish to receive the newsletter, the minimum donation is $20. Preferably, the AMTF-newsletter will be sent by email. Thank you.

This request does not apply to those blessed individuals who are already sending a donation to the AMTF on a regular basis or those who recently sent in their donation for the year 2014.

ALL income from donations will be used to expand the world-wide activities of the AMTF and to pay for fixed cost of maintaining the headquarters in Mount Shasta. The staff of the AMTF receive no pay. However, there are fixed costs such as property tax, insurance, as well as maintenance and repair.

Mail your check to:

P.O. Box 466
Mount Shasta, CA 96067