The Reliability of a Channeled Message…
Which Teacher to Follow?

When a person is prepared to make whatever effort is needed to gain in spiritual understanding, the first decision that is to be made is the choice of the right teacher. Since the subject of channeling is so thoroughly misunderstood by most students, and since this presents one of the greatest obstacles to the Great White Brotherhood in bringing in the New Golden Age for this planet, it is briefly treated here, (For a more detailed discussion of this subject, including the criteria the Masters gave for recognizing a true messenger, see “Man, His Origin, History and Destiny”).

To distinguish between different presentations of Ascended Master Teaching is a most difficult task, usually taken much too lightly by the students, beginners and the more experienced, alike. Numerous so-called channels, star-commanders, authors of books, messengers, and spirit guides appear, clamoring for the attention of the students, all offering “the very latest.” They challenge the student “DO YOU WISH TO BE LEFT BEHIND?” It has been estimated that, on a world-wide basis, there are now thousands of individuals, alleging to be channels of Ascended Masters.

Not only does one have to learn to distinguish truth from among the many sources, but also from the voices of our four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and etheric), all of which have intelligence. Master Kuthumi, commenting on the problem of selecting the proper teacher, said that he realized that it is very difficult to discriminate. “But,” he continued, “that is one of the reasons you came to embody on Earth, to learn discrimination.”

El Morya added to this, stating: “Test, test, test every activity in which you place your faith, and that to which you give the power of your attention, before you are led into the unhappy experiences which can result from blindly accepting, as truth, that which is presented to you from the seen, as well as the unseen.” This includes paying attention to the characteristics of a true channel, as given by the Ascended Masters and comparing those with other channels. 

“People are very hungry for spiritual teaching,” the Dalai Lama said in an interview. “But there are many unqualified individuals, charlatans with financial and power motivations, that are not very spiritual.

“First, I always tell seekers of religion not to be too hasty. Examine the teacher well. You can get the teaching without taking on the person as a guru. Learn as much as you can and make sure the person is authentic and reliable.

“There have been cases,” he said, “where persons, not really known in Nepal or India, came to the West, and suddenly they have become great teachers.”

Channeling Partial Truth

Jesus warned of false prophets; so did Saint Germain. However, the students must not only be aware of those who knowingly give false information, partially to satisfy their own ego, but also be aware of sincere mediums, who unknowingly channel from a level lower than the Ascended Master Realm. In an article entitled “Truth Colored by Human Concepts,” in the book, “The First Ray,” beloved El Morya tells the students about the great difficulty that an unascended being has, if he desires to channel from the highest realm. He explains that there are many realms between the physical realm in which the students live and those realms in which an Ascended Being resides.

Starting from the physical realm, there is first the brain consciousness, subject to the senses, (seeing, hearing etc…). Next there is the astral realm, also called the psychic plane. Then there is the lower mental realm, followed by the etheric realm. Following these is the plane in which the Christ Self abides, which is called the higher mental realm. Only after penetrating those realms does one arrive at the level of the I AM Presence.

Now the aspirant faces the difficulty of remembering his vision. He must re-enter the elevator, going downward, to return through all those realms of consciousness, and many forget part, or all of the vision, during the return.

From this description, we learn that only those who are able to obtain the assistance of an Ascended Master can channel ABSOLUTE TRUTH, from the Ascended Master Realm. ALL OTHERS, DESPITE THEIR CLAIMS, ARE ABLE TO CHANNEL ONLY PARTIAL TRUTH. Messages of this type were categorized by El Morya as being “wishful thinking” and “idealized imagery.”

Here, at AMTF headquarters, we are still reminded of the voice of our beloved “Brother Bill” (William Cassiere), a messenger appointed by Saint Germain and a member of the AMTF. He told us, “On the other side, there are countless individuals who are absolutely insisting they are Kuthumi or Saint Germain, and they are not! These entities attempt to talk to anyone who is willing to listen to them.”

Serapis Bey: “Many well-meaning people are, unknowingly, caught in the astral realm. On Atlantis, individuals were able to enamor thousands of people, thus using their God-given energies TO SUSTAIN THE VERY FORCES WHICH EVENTUALLY CAUSED THE SINKING OF THAT CONTINENT.”

Can You Really Trust Your Heart?

Very often we hear this comment: “I know there are many false prophets but I know by the feeling and voice in my heart, whether or not a certain channel is a true channel.” This then brings up the question: “Can You really trust your heart?” Let us examine this question in detail.

The problem is that the “Fall of Man” shut off the visible presence and the voice of our teachers (Ascended Masters and Archangels). The shaft of Light from our I AM Presence decreased, from a diameter of several feet, to that of 1/16 of an inch. By misqualifying our energy, through hundreds of embodiments, we have fallen from our high God-Estate and all of us have added to the karma of the race. The root of all evil, the personal ego, with all of its arrogance, was born. The voices of our four lower bodies, plus our senses, contributed to what we call “our consciousness.” Therefore, man, to some degree, lost his original, pure contact with his I AM Presence.

Becoming reacquainted with the pure voice of one’s own Presence cannot be achieved overnight. It takes persistent, daily application, and years of studying, in order to build up a momentum. It is like going to school. We go first to elementary school and high school before one can go to college.

Therefore, the question, “Can you really trust the feeling in your heart?” should be answered as follows: “One should not EXCLUSIVELY listen to the voice of one’s heart. The student must primarily engage his most developed faculties, which are logic, reason and common sense. He must be prepared to allocate a large amount of time, energy, and some funds to investigate, for himself, what messenger he should listen to.” If the student does this and pursues a path of truth, in true humility, this will result in his being guided by an Ascended Master.

True Messengers

The Masters compared their reaching unascended mankind with their energy, to tunneling through granite. They are, themselves, responsible if that energy is not returned to them, by the students, through decreeing. That is why dispensations require a large amount of energy. In the 19th Century, a dispensation was granted to H. Blavatsky. In the 20th century, dispensations were granted, using as authorized messengers, Mr. Ballard and Geraldine Innocente, who gave much additional truth.

True messengers give credit where credit is due. For instance, Geraldine Innocente gave credit to the Ascended Masters David Lloyd and Mr. Ballard, for being sponsors of the Transmission Flame Service of the Bridge to Freedom. Whenever there were articles printed in the Bridge to Freedom Journal, the name of the author was mentioned. There was no deception, of any kind.

After the ascension of Geraldine Innocente, some of her dictations were copied, word for word, by several organizations, without giving credit to the source, making it appear the original message came through them. One group, doing this, refers to them as “previous teachings,” never giving credit to the source.

All true dictations are intended, primarily, to instruct the students on TWO KEY POINTS, NAMELY, HOW TO GAIN THE ASCENSION IN THIS EMBODIMENT AND HOW TO HELP THE EARTH IN THE REQUIRED COSMIC INITIATION, bringing it closer to the sun. This is a valuable guide in comparing the dictations of various channels.

DICTATIONS FROM THE ASCENDED MASTER REALM ARE CLEAR AND CONCISE. THEY CONTAIN MUCH SUBSTANCE, DETAIL AND HARD FACTS. Those that originate from other realms often deal in generalities. They offer little concrete data. There is a lot of talk about love, without mentioning the other six God-virtues. For the most part, students are not told that self-mastery over the four lower bodies is the only mastery there is.

Jesus said, “By their fruits shall ye know them.” After a dispensation is granted by the Karmic Board, the floodgates literally open. There are many so-called miracles, including healings and other accomplishments. Let us take a brief look at some of the accomplishments of the “Bridge to Freedom.” (For details see THE LAW OF PRECIPITATION and MAN, HIS ORIGIN, HISTORY AND DESTINY)

It was through the dispensation given to the “Bridge to Freedom” that the knowledge of the locations and the activities of Ascended Master Retreats was first given. These retreats exist in various locations throughout the world. Some of them exist on Earth, some of them exist in the etheric realm above the Earth. Their purpose is to radiate certain God-virtues to mankind. The students of the “Bridge to Freedom” received information on the location of each retreat, the date when it was open to mankind and the specific purpose and God-virtue of the retreat. This data was given every month, for nine years, when Geraldine Innocente was the messenger. It was published in the Bridge to Freedom Journals, which contain the core data of this teaching. The Masters also revealed their present activities and how students could help their cause. This knowledge helped the students to respond to the specific requests by the Masters and the need of the hour. For example, Mother Mary asked for specific help with incoming lifestreams and as a result of this cooperation, between ascended and unascended beings, many babies who would have been born with deformed bodies because of their previous karma, could receive perfect bodies. Archangel Michael called the accomplishments of the Bridge to Freedom the greatest in the last 500,000 years of mankind’s history.

The Masters have said that we cannot flit, like butterflies, from one teaching to the other. We cannot mix the teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom” with those of the channels of today, since they give a different message!

 An Example of Different Channelings

The Masters of Wisdom placed great emphasis on performing the Transmission of the Flame Service. This is a service that takes advantage of the knowledge of when certain Ascended Master Retreats are open to mankind. According to the Masters, it was mainly this service, performed by the students of the “Bridge to Freedom,” which enabled Sanat Kumara to return to Venus, after a voluntary exile of 2.5 million years.

We researched all of the “Bridge” publications and found out that the Teton Retreat and Shamballa Retreat were always open at a certain fixed date of every year. When we compared these dates with those given out by other groups, who also present the teachings of the Ascended Host, we found:

  1. Most groups did not perform the Transmission Flame Service.
  2. Four groups, employing “channels,” placed the opening date of these retreats at a different date from that given by the Masters, through Geraldine Innocente.
  3. The opening dates of the retreats, as given by the four groups, all differed from each other.

Summary and Conclusion

We may conclude that perfect communication between unascended and ascended beings is extremely rare and very, very special.

The AMTF does not employ present-day channels. As of this time (October, 2010), no less than 77 individuals have contacted the AMTF, offering to be our channel. Most of them we met personally. Among them were three individuals who have proclaimed they have received a new dispensation. All of them were rejected because they did not meet the criteria given by the Ascended Host for being an authorized messenger. Based on our 33-year experience in researching channels as well as on the 50-year experience of William Cassiere (a messenger appointed by Saint Germain, who worked with Mr. Ballard) and the 55-year experience of Alice Schutz (Publisher of the A.D.K. Luk Publications, who also worked with Mr. Ballard and who later became a staff member of the “Bridge to Freedom”), Geraldine Innocente was the last authorized messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, having the benefit of a PROVEN dispensation from the Karmic Board. The proof of such a dispensation was given in manifest works, rather than in words, alone.

Many groups and individuals are giving out partial truth, and many students are benefited by them. The energy created by decreeing and directed to the Ascended Masters helps them to increase their assistance to the Earth. But it should be recognized that different channels have different levels of spiritual development and awareness, and not all of them are able to pierce through different stratas all the way to the realm of the Ascended Masters. Also, much more could be accomplished if the students of today could UNITE IN A COMMON EFFORT. In this way we could straighten out the Earth’s axis in a short period of time.