The Teachings of The Bridge to Freedom

Beloved Ascended Master El Morya explained the purpose of the “Bridge to Freedom,” as follows:

“The whole purpose of the current endeavor—this endeavor, which was born out of my own heart, is to acquaint unascended beings with the requirement of the moment!! There are hundreds and thousands of magnificently inspired individuals who compose song, literature, poetry and every conceivable kind of beauty. They are all under the radiation of God and one or more of the other Masters, but, among all this group WE ARE A DISTINCT UNIT, FORMED FOR A PURPOSE. THAT PURPOSE IS ‘ON THE SPOT’ REPORTS OF THAT WHICH IS THE REQUIREMENT ON EARTH as seen from the Ascended Masters’ Realm, THEN THE WILLING COOPERATION OF UNASCENDED BEINGS RELEASING THEIR ENERGIES to set into action (through songs, visualizations and decrees) whatever is necessary at that exact moment. OTHERWISE, I WOULD NOT HAVE ENDEAVORED TO ESTABLISH THIS MOVEMENT. That is the only differentiation, dear hearts.”

“You could take your Bhagavad Gita, a most magnificent inspirational work and enjoy reading it while sitting in the Wissahickon Park, for instance. You would draw wonderful radiation from above and create a peaceful, comfortable aura about yourself, maybe ten feet across. So, while you were nice and peaceful, anyone who would be fortunate enough to walk through that aura would get a blessing. However, what we are trying to do, precious hearts, is to cover the entire planet with Light and give cosmic service.”

“WE ARE LIVING IN A DAY WHEN MY SMALL DREAM OF CAMELOT IS TO BE EXPANDED INTO A WORLD BROTHERHOOD, although I be not the king. Saint Germain, who has earned that right, reigns upon that throne, and I shall also always offer my advice as privy counsel, but I ask you, in the name of God, those of you who have broken bread with me, those of you who have shared my light, not only in this embodiment but in many years and centuries past, I ASK OF YOU ONE BOON— HOLD THE BRIDGE BY GOD’S OWN HAND UNTIL IT IS STRONG ENOUGH FOR THE ASCENDED HOST TO PASS OVER FROM DIVINITY’S REALM INTO THE HUMAN and all mankind may see and know those divine Beings whom we have presented through the veil as best we can until this hour.”

When one studies the teachings of the Ascended Masters, all the thousands of pages given through Geraldine Innocente, one finds these instructions may be placed into two major categories, namely,

  1. The knowledge needed to gain the ascension in this embodiment, thus fulfilling our divine plan.
  2. The knowledge necessary to understand the divine plan for the Earth and how to use this instruction to help the planet, itself.

The information given through the Bridge to Freedom is enormous. It consists of about 6,000 pages. The Great Ones said that much more was given than necessary, to make the ascension. So the need of the hour does not seem to be to have more material and additional channellings, but to APPLY what has already been given through the pure and humble messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, who was given the benefit of a special dispensation.

The Bridge to Freedom includes dictations by the following Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elohim plus many other Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings.

Ray Chohan Archangel Elohim
First El Morya Michael Hercules
Second Lanto Jophiel Cassiopea
Third Paul, the Venetian Chamuel Orion
Fourth Serapis Bey Gabriel Claire (Purity)
Fifth Hilarion Raphael Vista (Cyclopea)
Sixth Lady Master Nada Uriel Tranquility (Peace)
Seventh Saint Germain Zadkiel Arcturus


In addition to the subjects listed on the Home Page, the Ascended Host also discussed the following in their dictations from April 1952 through June 1961. Most of this information was given to mankind for the first time.

  • The origin, unrecorded history and destiny of man
  • How the “Fall of man” occurred
  • How false channels caused the downfall of the Atlantean Civilization and, eventually, the sinking of the Atlantean Continent
  • Pictures of Ascended Beings
  • How several Ascended Masters gained their ascension
  • The Seven Elohim speak about the seven steps to precipitation
  • The Seven Archangels explain the function and purpose of the Angelic Kingdom
  • The Kingdom of the Elementals
  • The true Zodiac (the 12 Temples around the Sun)
  • The process of the individual ascension
  • Jesus and Mother Mary describe their last embodiment
  • The Law of Forgiveness
  • Detailed reports of the semi-annual meetings at the Teton Retreat
  • How petitions of Ascended Masters and their dedicated chelas are approved
  • How chelas of the “Bridge to Freedom” prevented the outbreak of a volcano on Hawaii
  • How, through cooperation of Ascended Beings and chelas of the “Bridge to Freedom” hundreds of thousands of babies could be born with perfect bodies

The beloved Maha Chohan explained (Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin, June 17, 1956):

“Lord Maitreya and I were speaking, recently, about the Law, and Lord Maitreya said he felt that perhaps we were giving you too much of the Law for your outer minds to digest at one time. However, we both felt that, for the sake of those following after you – an entire evolution of people – who would perhaps benefit by the instruction that you may never even need to use, we had better take advantage of your forcefields, of your faith, of your presence, as well as the advantage of the TEMPORARY CONTACT BETWEEN THE ASCENDED MASTERS’ REALM AND THE HUMAN, AND GIVE AS MUCH OF THIS LAW, AS POSSIBLE, TO YOU. WE ARE WRITING A WHOLE BIBLE – A BIBLE THAT WILL LIVE AND BE READ BY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, LONG AFTER YOU HAVE COME HOME.”

From this it follows that the instructions called “The Bible for the New Age” are timeless. The teachings of the Bridge to Freedom are valid, not only for today’s situation; they are valid also for future generations. The teachings are presented in an easy-to-understand manner and cover all subjects vital to the individual ascension.

The Ascended Master El Morya explained the work of the Masters, in the 1950’s, as follows:

“Beloved Friends of Light and Love, we are engaged, the other Ascended Masters and myself, in the building of a “Bridge” – a “Bridge” which will endure until every man, woman and child belonging to this evolution, has passed from the realm of imperfection and limitation, over it, into God Freedom. Into and under that Bridge we are building a foundation made of strong and valiant hand-chosen lifestreams, who can bear the weight and strength of the energies of the masses, when they begin to cross from shadow into sunshine, from darkness into Light, from limitation into freedom, from disease into health and perfection.

“We are the engineers, who are endeavoring to discover the strength of the various lifestreams whom we have called to the task at hand. Those who choose to remain with us, shall have the great privilege and honor of becoming the living foundation of this Bridge of Living Light.”

Will there be a new dispensation at some time in the future? Yes, there will be. The new dispensation will be based, in total, on the teachings given out through the original “Bridge to Freedom.” Why is this so? The Masters are subject to Cosmic Law, and they are allowed only a certain amount of energy, when dealing with mankind. ENERGY WILL NOT BE SPENT AGAIN FOR ANYTHING THAT ALREADY EXISTS.

Some of the Accomplishments of the “Bridge to Freedom”

(For details see the AMTF-Book “The Law of Precipitation” and “Mother Mary’s Assistance Today”)

Through the activity of decreeing and the Transmission Flame Service, performed on an individual basis, or in groups, new forcefields (magnetic centers) were established. These forcefields drew angels closer to Earth. This gave the Masters greater freedom in bringing forth this instruction and radiation. Archangel Michael said, in December of 1953, that MORE PROGRESS WAS ACHIEVED FOR MANKIND IN 1953, THAN IN THE PAST 500,000 YEARS.

In 1953, Mother Mary had asked for a petition from the Karmic Board, asking for healthy incoming babies, free from physical and mental deficiencies. Mother Mary offered her own energy as a balance, in an effort to pave the way to achieve the goal of having incoming lifestreams born perfect in mind and body. The Philadelphia Group of the “Bridge to Freedom” decided to support Mother Mary’s petition.

The group met and gave decrees for one year and two months, with the specific goal to help not only the incoming children, but also to help the Ascended Host on other projects. Only after several additional months, Mother Mary was able to report to the group: “I am happy and grateful to tell you that your splendid response has brought smiles to the Karmic Board, happiness to our hearts and great hope to us for the fulfilling of these petitions.”

Elohim Vista stated to the Philadelphia Group on Nov. 21, 1954: “As a result of your service tonight, just as I entered your ‘forcefield,’ we received a merciful grant for the benefit of the incoming children. One hundred thousand of those who would otherwise have been blind, will be born with sight, fifty thousand of those who would have been deaf, will hear. Fifty thousand of those who would not have been able to speak, will now have the gift of speech, and (almost the greatest of all to me), two hundred thousand of those who would have been mentally ill will come into physical birth with their minds balanced and sane. I am so grateful to all who have made this possible!”

The example of the Philadelphia Group shows how tough a standard the Cosmic Law applies to students of the Ascended Masters. It took 19 months of meeting, constantly, once a week, and PERSISTENT APPLICATION (decreeing, songs and visualization) before the request by Mother Mary, supported by the Philadelphia Group, for more children to be born with perfect bodies, was granted. But it also shows that good results may be obtained if students are persistent in their application.

The same laws apply today and therefore it is possible to achieve similar results.

In March of 1955, the Ascended Master El Morya, Archangel Chamuel’s Legions of the Pink Adoration Flame, and the Philadelphia Group cooperated in preventing the eruption of the volcano Kilauea, located on the Hawaiian Islands. El Morya verified this account in the May 1955 issue of the “Journal of the ‘Bridge to Freedom,’ as follows:

“Both Lord Michael and I witnessed your endeavors and I would like to describe to you what took place. YOU KNOW, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE WHEN YOU ARE ENDEAVORING TO SERVE THE LAW, THE LIGHT, GOD, THE MASTERS, OR MANKIND. Always, there is in attendance, some sponsor from the God-free, although they do not always express themselves in words. According to your sensitivity, are you receptive to that Sponsor’s current.

“As you approached the cone of the volcano (‘Kilauea’), as you stood and directed your love, through songs and decrees, into that open cone, what happened? There came a being of embodied love, from Archangel Chamuel’s Legions of the Pink Adoration Flame, who stood over the cone and, by the magnetic power of her love, drew the substance of these particles right through her own body. They emerged from her body as beautiful, shining, winged sylphs, something like your magnificent butterflies, or perhaps more like the transparent wing of the sylph, itself. That is what takes place in the releasing of imprisoned life, when enlightened lifestreams direct energy and transmute imperfection. As this life is released (and it will be, if you continue in your endeavors), it will be of tremendous assistance to the freeing of the Earth, itself! You may invoke the sustaining of as many of those Beings of the Pink Flame as you desire, to assist in releasing this imprisoned life back to the Sun, in happiness.

“This energy might as well be transferred into happiness and harmony, rather than expressing itself in blasts of resentment and rebellion, that will cause untold destruction. We are delighted with your endeavor and hope you will soon give this instruction to other earnest students, throughout the world, with the prompting that they should not wait for word from headquarters for permission to so act, as the succeeding months take their toll. THE GROUP DIRECTOR, IN COOPERATION WITH THE STUDENTS, SHOULD MEET AND PROJECT THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE GROUP TO ANY POINT ON THE SURFACE OF THE PLANET WHERE THERE IS DISTRESS OF ANY NATURE. There, they should consciously make the calls for the transmutation of that distress. This training, under the auspices of Lord Michael and myself, is of great potential service to mankind.”

[This account was verified in 1979 when Werner Schroeder interviewed Alice Schultz, who had been a member of the “Bridge to Freedom” group, located in Philadelphia. Miss Schultz explained, that after projecting themselves, in consciousness, to the top of the volcano, the group called for the legions of Archangel Chamuel to transmute the feelings of discord of the elementals. The determined action of that group prevented the eruption of a volcano. This example shows the effectiveness of group activity.]


These examples prove what can be accomplished when students of the teachings of the original “Bridge to Freedom” work together with the Ascended Host in a true spirit of camaraderie, harmony and friendship, forsaking individuals who do not base their channelings on that platform. Obtaining the ‘newest’ and ‘latest’ information from individuals, claiming to be channels of the Ascended Masters, does not necessarily result in receiving a true message.