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Man – His Origin, History and Destiny (Chinese)

Werner Schroeder


Important! This is the Chinese language version!

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Using a variety of sources, this title presents mankind’s unrecorded history. Much of this material has not been researched before, and it has not been available to the general public. Written in chronological order, the reader learns of the conditions prevailing during the advent of man on Earth, including his origin, his age, the place where mankind first embodied and the coming of the laggards from other planets, causing the “Fall of Man” on Earth. Fascinating highlights of the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations are given. Also depicted are accounts of the unchronicled history of Jesus and the oracles of Delphi. Archangel Michael’s report of July 17, 1959 on the division of all of mankind. The new criteria is given that will be used in dividing mankind into two separate groups, one of which will find embodiment on a newly-created planet. The significance of this new process for the students of this teaching.